About Ameritas Life Insurance Corp.

Life will never be free from uncertainty. But when uncertainty is minimized, life can be maximized. This is Ameritas Life’s calling. With financial strength, they offer competitive insurance, retirement, and investment products which they service in a highly welcoming, ethical, and professional manner that builds lasting trust and enduring relationships.

Founded is 1887, Ameritas Life is a life insurance company that always puts customers first. With the focus in putting worry behind and the future ahead, they have the long-standing financial strength to deliver on their promises. They have a long-standing tradition of striving to deliver the very best in products and services generation after generation. Although proud of their ratings from Standard & Poor’s and A.M. Best Company, they measure their success by the number of people they’ve helped and promises they’ve kept. That’s the true measure of Ameritas.


Financial Strength Ratings

The group ratings assigned to Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. and Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. of New York provide an independent opinion of each insurer’s financial strength and ability to meet ongoing insurance policy and contract obligations. A.M. Best Company and Standard & Poor’s are recognized among the top authorities in analyzing insurance companies.

SP_award_rated_strongStandard & Poor’s A+ (Strong) for insurer financial strength. This is the fifth highest of Standard & Poor’s 21 ratings. (Research Update, July 11, 2013)
A.M. Best Company A (Excellent) for financial strength and operating performance. This is the third highest of A.M. Best’s 15 ratings. (Best’s Rating Report, August 8, 2013)